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The Spirit Formed Life
Study Guide
Spirit Formed Life by Jack Haford 

In a world with so much competing for our attention, it's easy to neglect or lose sight of the importance of the spiritual disciplines the Lord has given us for victorious living in Christ. Jack Hayford shows us how to grow in 10 important principles of Spirit-filled discipleship. These are the essentials for every believer.

Join a home study group near you and grow together to become more like Jesus. Stop by the welcome center for a complete list of host homes and dates.

You can also pick up your copy of the book at the welcome center for just $15. Pastor Greg's companion study guide for use in your home group is available here for you to download free of charge.

Weeks #1 and 2
Study One - Committing to Hear God's Voice.doc
This study begins with the introduction for group members to complete together on the first night of the study. Then individuals can complete the rest of the study and come prepared to discuss it together the following week.

The following studies should be completed by group members prior to meeting together to discuss the lesson. This study method will help all the members of the group to share and answer questions together for the benefit of everyone.

Week #3
Study Two- Living in the Power of Baptism.doc

Week #5
Study Four- Walking in the Spirit of Forgiveness.doc

Week #7
Study Six - Maintaining Integrity of Heart.doc

Week #9
Study Eight - Living a Life of Submission.doc

Week #11
coming soon


Week #4
Study Three - Celebrating the Lord's Table.doc

Week #6
Study Five - Feeding on the Word of God.doc

Week #8
Study Seven - Abiding in the Fullness of the Spirit.doc

Week #10
coming soon


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